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Business Solutions

Simplified Software + Streamlined Processes = Productive Organization

With our solution, the equation is simple. A productive organization results from streamlined business processes; optimized data sharing and security; and encouraged job responsibility through accountability.

Our Portfolio

For Human Resources

Based on the definition of BusinessDictionary.com, "Human Resource is regarded as the scarcest and most crucial productive resource that creates the largest and longest lasting advantage for an organization."

It is therefore compelling for all organizations to effectively manage this scarce capital and this can only be realized using a unified HR Management tool which is  based on best practices and can deliver real-time active information that drive informed actions.

  • Backed by experienced HR Professionals and CPAs with extensive knowledge and years of service to small, medium and large companies.  
  • Used in different industries, with deployments that range from single company to nationwide networks.
  • Offered in different variants depending on delivery and charging schemes.

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For Accounting
A complete financial application with sufficient controls to preserve data integrity and enough flexibility to satisfy your changing requirements.  

For Trading 
A robust application integrating Billing and Collection, Requisition and Procurement, Inventory Management, Customer Service/Sales Order, Payables/Disbursements,   Cash Management, General Ledgers and Budgets. 

For Supplies and Stocks
A complete accounting and management of inventory with interface capabilities to barcode, proximity and RFID.

For your Documents
Paperless management of documents with check-in/check-out and versioning features.

Want to digitalize your Documents?
A comprehensive workflow of sorting, categorizing, scanning, indexing and conversion of documents to digital format.

For School Administration
A comprehensive school system seamlessly integrating admission, enrollment, payment, grading, clearance and financial operations.